Gods and Glory

Gods and Glory

Our team is currently pouring all of its time, energy, and resources into making “Gods & Glory.” This is a MMORPG strategy game created for mobile platforms (specifically iOS and Android). We’re drawing inspiration from such classic hits as “Heroes of Might and Magic,” “Disciples,” and “Lords of Ultima,” but also updating the gameplay to address the preferences of today’s players.

Game features:

  • Immerse yourself into an exciting and fascinating adventure in “Gods & Glory,” a new game that combines dynamic military strategy with a role-playing game.
  • Create your own empire.
  • Train troops, hire generals, and create invincible armies as you prepare to go up against other players in fierce battles.
  • Level up your heroes by selecting one of three unique development paths, craft an incredible weapon, and unlock new skills.
  • Watch dynamic battles featuring explosive special effects in real time.
  • Select and summon a god to acquire unique units and a plethora of bonuses.
  • Join forces with your friends and create alliances, capture colonies in your quest to dominate a vast and dangerous world.

Follow the link to download the game:

Download for IOS Download for Android